Dienstag, 8. März 2011

Demo Lincoln

I wanted to show you how I developed the Lincoln portrait.
I used a gessoed board, that was already prepared for a portrait ( skin-colored).
At first I added some guidelines to the photography in order to keep the proportions right (in the end the face got a bid too long though), then I painted the dark parts, that are mainly the area around his eyes and his beard and later on his dark suit ( I assumed it must have been black and his bow tie gray). Then I added some color that I had in my mind would go well with his face. This step was the most difficult part of this challenge, because you had to somehow invent the colors. After I had an idea of the colors I added some lights to the nose, eyes and chemise. At the end I elaborated some important parts like again his eyes, his cheeks, mouth and finally I densified the background and his suit. Done :-)

Thank you Mary Maxam, Horst, Diane, Carlene, Linda, Mary Rochelle Burnham, Karen, Madeleine Deborah, Pattie and Maria for your nice comments!!!


  1. Thanks for sharing, that gives me some good ideas for the next portraits!

  2. Thanks Kora for showing the progression of this great portrait.

  3. I'm truly fan of your architectural style: paintings sharp and solid like buildings. Sincerely, JBP